Home to me is Lisbon, and for them…


Home, home for me is Lisbon, and despite being away right now will always be.
Now  I’m thinking where will be the next travel destination, where will be my next house? If I’m going to stay for a month, year or two, or more… can be here in Barcelona, maybe in Chile, in Japan or anywhere in the world. In our society, our millennial generation we were educated to be a citizens from to world. We don’t get into a credit for a house, because of the crisis, the collapse of the real estate boom, but also because of our way to be. We grow with the internet, all the social networks, use to close and change something in a minute. How this concept of life affect the way we see and do architecture? When our concept of building space here is dematerialized by the society, but this theme is for another post. We  (millennials) are use to go from one place to another, change our house, our clothes, our styles, even our friends. But  for me home will always be my yellow typical house with a red roof of Lisbon. There I have the security of home, the comforts of  my home, there i feel at home, there I am at home.
I am fortunate to be able to choose,  to choose to go and come back, to can choose when to go and when  i want to return, to have the possibility to choose where I’m gonna live and how I’m gonna live. I’m writing this text dedicated to my friends, those who for some reasons political, economic, social or religious can’t choose, they can’t choose where to live and how to live. I’m talking about war areas, friends that they need to left their works and houses and establish in an ephemeral architecture. Those, for political instability can’t return to their houses. How is important this aspects to our architecture thinking and discussion. We are not talking about aesthetics concepts, or even cultural differences which also exist, in the approach of a house, but I’m specifically talking about primary concepts (security, confort…). For them, my friends and many others who lives in countries without security conditions for some reasons, for those where their “homes” can’t be Home.
2014-04-27 14.39.34
2013-10-13 08.23.25

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